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About ear, nose and throat diseases
whatever you wonder...

8 things you need to know
before having Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most defining features of the face which attracts attention at first glance. Nose aesthetics both address functional as well as aesthetic problems.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Pick the surgeon who communicates well and makes you feel comfortable about your needs and goals...

Are you ready for the operation?

Make sure you feel psychologically and socially ready when you pick your surgery time...

Does age matter?

You may be operated when your nose growth is complete after the ages of 16-17...

Then what?

You need to learn more about the risks, complications, and things to be careful about following your..

Take time off from work or school

Don't let anything stress you in your one week of healing!..

Coordinating with Your Surgeon

Follow the pre-op and post-op advices and contact your doctor if you have any further questions...

Which technique?

Closed, open, mixed, and ultrasonic rhinoplasty approaches...

How do you want your nose?

Have your doctor take pictures and image your nose. Then discuss and determine your goal together...

News in the Press

Useful information for patients who have a nose aesthetic and want to have it, who have a disease in the ENT area. You can contact for detailed information.