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Revision Rhinoplasty

Repetitive rhinoplasty surgery on a patient who has been operated before and needs it again is called revision rhinoplasty. Revision surgeries can cover a wide range. Sometimes a small intervention is enough, sometimes it is necessary to reshape the entire nose. The important thing here is how and to what extent the nose structure was changed in a previous surgery or surgeries. In revision nasal aesthetics, intervention should be planned for the problem. The positive and negative features are weighed, the decision to operate is taken if the intervention warrants the risk. Especially skin problems are one of the most difficult problems to solve. In case of dissatisfaction with any defects on the skin or the shape of the nose due to skin thickness, it should be discussed in great detail. While revision surgeries can correct most problems, there are some problems that cannot be corrected. Keeping realistic expectations is the most important rule of this surgery.

One of the issues to be mentioned in revision nasal aesthetics is the need for cartilage. The building block used for nose aesthetics is cartilage, however new cartilage may be necessary because the cartilage has been used in previous surgery and / or damaged. In such cases, cartilage from ribs or ears is used to shape the nose.